Richmond Fair 2017
Unicorn Competition
Dressage competition where equine breeders show us the result of thousands hours of practice and patience for a set of horses and their driver to form just one during these demonstrations of skill. All with magnificent carriage, suit and horses.
Poultry Judging
Poultry judgments are an opportunity for breeders to compare their subjects to get closer and closer to breed standards and to succeed in presenting the perfect chicken.
4H Young Farmers
The 4H competition are conformity show for young exhibitor. It is during these activities that they develops the taste, the desire and the ambition of competed for the improvement of the livestock of Quebec.
Tractor pulling
Competitions for adrenaline enthusiasts, tractor pulls are demonstrating the mechanical power of modified gear who develop unmatched power in a strong test.
The gymkhana competitions are a series of equestrian games such as the barrel, relay ... under the supervision of tough judge and chronometer official. This is the demonstration where a man and a horse teamed to demonstrate their knowledge and speed.

Pictures of Richmond Fair!