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Contact us!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us:
Office:  819-578-9288

Mailing address:  P.O. box 3116, Richmond, QC J0B 2H0

Maureen Murphy: Secretary 819-578-9288

email address:

Fair board members

Avery Perkins President 819-806-2910
Maureen Murphy Secretary 819-578-9288
Donald Beard  1st Vice-President 819-452-1394
Tim Keenan 2nd Vice-President 819-826-1377
Michel Bougie Director 819-352-9573
Laurent Noel Director 819-848-1421
Danny Perkins Director 819-806-2911
Eric Mastine Director 819-352-5429
Susan Mastine Director 819-848-2454
Nelson McCourt Director 819-826-3038
William Johnston Director 819-826-2964
Clifford Lancaster Director 819-826-3506



Dairy cattle Tim Keenan, Avery Perkins
Beef  Avery Perkins, Donald Beard
Horses Michel Bougie, Diane Belhumeur
Sheep Susan Morrison-Mastine,Donald Beard
Poultry & Rabbit  Laurie Frost, John Wayne Matthews
4-H Tim & Maria Keenan
Ladies Dept. Edith Brown
Horticultural Clifford Lancaster
Youth Fair Sarah Fowler,  William Johnston
BBQ Susan Mastine, Maureen Murphy
Midway Avery Perkins, Maureen Murphy
Program & Attractions Avery Perkins,  Maureen Murphy
Bar Stewards Susan Mastine, Donald Beard
Book Directors, Maureen Murphy
Advertising & Promotion Danny Perkins, Genevieve Manseau
Gate Brenda Garrett, Kelly Reid
Parking Donald Beard,  Nelson McCourt
Security Laurent Noel-fair                                Horse- Michel Bougie
Booths  Avery Perkins,  Donald Beard, Maureen Murphy,
Campers Danny Perkins (at fair time only)
Garbage William Johnston
Pulls Avery Perkins, Donald Beard
Demolition Derby Nelson McCourt/Laurent Noel
Winter Storage Directors
Grounds & building maintenance All directors