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Do you have a business or an idea for a kiosk for Richmond Fair? With a diverse clientele that visits over the four days, there are a lot of opportunities to showcase your products or organization and meet people during Richmond Fair weekend.

Fees are charged for space rental for each kiosk. If you are interested in having a kiosk, please complete the form which is available by clicking on the link. Completing the form does not guarantee that you will have a kiosk. Richmond Fair will look at all applications received and will take the information that you provide onto the form into account as they look at the amount of space that is available for kiosks and attempt to provide a diversified selection of kiosks.


Reserve a kiosk

    Please note that the applications for the artist and artisans’ tent is separate from the kiosks.

    For more information regarding the tent, you can contact fair director Danny Perkins or his assistant Rebecca Taylor by e-mailing

    We are waiting for you at the Expo!