Demolition Derby

Friday September 9th, 2022  7pm

Arrive by 6PM for inspection







Only 4 and 6 cylinder cars will be allowed. No vans, no trucks, no 4 x 4s, no sport utility vehicles SUVs. ALL RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED BY THE INSPECTORS

  1. It is mandatory to drill 2 holes in the hood, in the middle as much as possible and one a minimum of 6 inches in This is to facilitate the work of firefighters during a fire.
  2. No trim should be on the car (chrome, mirror, moldings, front and rear lights). Front and rear plastic bumpers must be removed.
  3. All windows must be removed
  4. The rear seat must be removed and the interior clean without debris (glass, plastic, paper, any other flammable material .).
  5. It is MANDATORY that the driver’s door has a reinforcement bar that is 4 inches or less on each side of the driver’s But NO other type of reinforcement will be tolerated on the vehicle.
  6. The hitch must be removed.
  7. The battery must be installed and securely attached in place of the front passenger seat and may be protected with a metal support
  8. The hood and trunk must be attached on each corner with chains or cables. At no time may these be bolted. Hoods must be accessible always (they must be able to be opened for inspection). The hood and trunk must be attached by chains or steel cables only from the bumper and not from the side fenders. The chains of straps that go from the hood (or front bumper) to the roof of the car not tolerated nor are those that go from the trunk (or rear bumper) to the roof.
  9. All door handles must be removed, and the doors must be chained (chains 3/8 or 5/16).
  10. It is forbidden to weld the
  11. The front doors must be free of all inscriptions, they are reserved for the number (at least 16 inches high).
  12. Sponsorship display is permitted (except on the 2 front doors).
  13. The driver’s seat must be in good condition and must be reinforced from the rear in the center with a pipe or piece of welded or bolted
  14. The fuel tank must hold a maximum of 3 gallons of fuel and must be located where the rear seat was located, OR if the vehicle has the tank in front of the axle, it may remain in the original position.
  15. All tire models are accepted, except for cleated or studded
  16. The wheels can not be welded.
  17. The Prestone (anti-freeze) must be replaced by water
  18. We will refuse any vehicle that has been modified to make the vehicle unsafe
  19. All vehicles with the following modifications will be automatically disqualified:-
    grid in place of the windshield, modifications to the suspension, tires with nails, vehicle still with tire weights, screws or screw-nuts in the rims, no metal bar or any other kind, whatsoever, should surpass (exit) the roof of the vehicle. For security reasons, it is recommended to close the sunroof. Sporting a helmet (with visor or goggles – eyeglasses are not sufficient) is mandatory.
  20. Wearing a helmet (with visor or goggles – eyeglasses are not sufficient) is mandatory.
  21. The wearing of seat belts is mandatory for drivers and must be functional
  22. Wearing anti-flammable clothing and a straitjacket are highly recommended for all
  23. The vehicle must be moving from the beginning to the end of the race, or until the car is out of order
  24. THE DRIVER’S BODY MUST REMAIN INSIDE THE VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES DURING THE RACE, except in the event of a fire or if the race is stopped
  25. Drivers or mechanics who are intoxicated, emitting a smell of alcohol or under the influence of drugs will automatically be disqualified.
  26. Any physical or verbal aggression against race officials will automatically result in the disqualification of the participant
  27. All participants must have a valid driver’s license and be 18 years of age and
  28. It is important for participants to wear long pants and long sleeves
  29. The vehicle must be on the grounds Friday evening by 6pm for inspection
  30. The person who registers must sign the waiver/disclaimer to receive the pit bracelet.
  31. The inspectors reserve the right to refuse ALL participants who make any modifications on the vehicle other than those mentioned The inspectors will have the last WORD.
  32. The participants, their teams as well as anyone related to the participants who do not respect the rules mentioned above, will be immediately expelled from the site and this, without any refund.

It is very important that the car arrives on a trailer and as  soon  as  the  car is stopped and can no longer advance on its own, it must be put back on the trailer.   All vehicles leave the must exhibition grounds after the race, and any debris from each driver picked up. They can not remain on the site the night following the competition.